Our companion animals touch our lives, are members of our families and ultimately are so much more than just pets.

Being a life-long human guardian for all of the animals that we love and live with is an ongoing learning process.

How do we know which animals to invite into our families?

How do we modify both their and our behavior so that we all live together in harmony?

And how do we say goodbye when their unfairly short lives must end?

These are questions that we animal lovers continue to ask ourselves and Forever Friends Counseling is available to help navigate the answers.


Rebecca Zisch, MA, LVT, APLB Certified

During her training to become a licensed veterinarian technician, Rebecca encountered many people suffering from the loss or impending loss of a pet. It was during this time that she realized that grieving the loss of a pet is not only a time of sadness but loneliness, too. Often friends or family don’t understand the depth of sadness, like losing a family member, which is part of losing a beloved pet. She felt compelled to help people deal with their grief and cope with their loss.

In 2012, as a certified pet grief counselor, Rebecca opened her private practice in Las Vegas. She specializes in helping adults and children alike, deal with the loss of a pet. Rebecca offers a compassionate, non-judgmental perspective to help you find peace.

Opening Friends Forever Counseling also gave Rebecca an opportunity to reach out to animal lovers with skills and knowledge that she has offered to friends and family for years: pet adoption counseling and cat behavior counseling.

With her life-long commitment to the human-animal bond and the study of domestic pet breeds and behavior, plus training in veterinary medicine, Rebecca is uniquely qualified to help you find the perfect new pet for your situation.

Rebecca also offers cat behavior counseling to help make your life with your fluffy friend as enjoyable as possible. With an inherent ability to understand cats and dedicated study of all the most recent and ground-breaking research, she feels a calling to advising cat lovers. She is also devoted, through volunteer work, to the welfare of cats in shelters and finding them forever homes.

Rebecca is a proud member of the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement, the National Association for Veterinary Technicians in America and the Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians.