Cat Behavior Counseling


I believe that there is no such thing a badly behaved domesticated cat. There are only cats that have not been given the opportunity and guidance to be well behaved in their homes.

I can prove to you that a cat’s behavior in your home can be modified and improved. This takes just a little analysis and coaching from me and some dedicated guidance from you to ensure that your feline friends continue their new and improved behavior after I have gone.


I have been living with well-behaved cats my entire life. My own cats never scratch inappropriately or spray mark in the house… and they always come when they’re called.  My family members call me “the cat whisperer,” but I just see it as understanding that every cat has natural feline instincts combined with its own quirky personality and it’s my human job to interpret and modify “catness” until we can all live together happily.

If you are having feline behavior issues at your house – and especially if you are considering re-homing or giving up your cat to a shelter – please contact me today. One or more resolvable behavior issues are cited with over 40% of cats surrendered by owners to American shelters. Moreover, 50-70% of euthanasia is carried out due to undesirable behavior. This does not have to happen to your beloved kitty.

Besides working with my own cats, I foster cats and kittens for nonprofit animal rescue agencies, I volunteer in nonprofit adoption centers and I am often the designated cat nurse when working as a Licensed Veterinary Technician.


Explanation of Process

As your Cat Behavior Counselor, I will analyze and interpret your cat’s behavior in his or her natural environment (your home) and provide a plan of action for your family to modify the cat’s unwanted behavior. This will take the form of several in-home visits. Most people find that if they do their part in the process between two and four visits is sufficient.



Schedule a free 10-minute free evaluation

Even if you don’t think you can afford private counseling, please contact me for possible quick ideas and references. Also, check the Calendar for dates and times of any upcoming appearances or lectures.