Pet Adoption CounselingPet Adoption Counseling


Through my pet adoption counseling services, I can help you answer the following questions and more:

What type of pet is right for my family?

When is the right time to adopt a pet?

Should I adopt a shelter animal or go through a breeder?

Should I involve my family in the decision or just surprise them with a pet I like?

How do I get my home ready for my pet?

Sometimes we make impulsive decisions about pet adoption because little animals tug on our heart strings. And there is nothing wrong with acknowledging an immediate emotional bond. Some of the best animal-human relationships have begun that way.

On the other hand, if you’re not thoroughly prepared for the pet you bring home, it might not work out for either of you. Between 5 – 7 million animals find themselves in American shelters every year, and approximately half of them are surrendered by their owners. Many of those pets and owners could have avoided this heart-breaking separation with just some research and preparation prior to the adoption.

Pet Adoption Counseling

Explanation of Process

As your pet adoption counselor, I will begin by making a home visit to see where the pet will be living and consider issues like available space.

During the home visit, I will meet and interview everyone who lives in your home, including children and other pets. Everyone will have a chance to contribute their ideas about possible pets and how they would like to be involved in the guardianship and daily care of the pet. This is a productive process whether you live alone, with a large family or anything in between.

After considering everyone’s input, I will produce a detailed recommendation report. Some client’s may choose to end the process there. However, I am also available to continue research, find and recommend specific animals available locally with shelters, rescue groups and licensed breeders. I can even travel to personally visit different breeder facilities on your behalf.



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