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Grieving for our beloved animal companions is natural, valid and unavoidable. Unfortunately, in your grief process, you may encounter other people who don’t feel that way. Well-meaning friends and family may be trying to push you into the adoption of a new pet, but you know that the time isn’t right for that yet. Others may say curt and unfeeling things because they don’t understand how you could have such deep grief for the loss of your best animal friend. Overall, you may feel that you don’t have a nonjudgmental opportunity to work through your bereavement.

Friends Forever Counseling offers pet grief counseling to people of all ages, and backgrounds who have lost any species of beloved pet. I have worked with children and adults. I have counseled people who have lost pets through death, in divorce and even when a pet has “run away”. And whether the loss happened yesterday or years ago, the grief is still difficult and counseling is always an option.


Explanation of Process

As a certified pet grief counselor, I will provide an opportunity to explore your grief and find a healing path for your bereavement. This will take the form of private conversations. Most people find that two or three sessions is sufficient.

I prefer to meet clients in their homes where I can see where you lived with the pet, see pictures and get a complete understanding of your relationship.

If a couple or larger family are grieving for the same pet, I can offer group sessions. But I would also like to have individual sessions with each family member.

If you do not live within driving distance of Las Vegas, contact me to discuss counseling by phone or Skype.



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If you cannot afford private counseling at this time or feel you would benefit from a group setting, please see the Calendar of Events for dates and times of free community grief circles led by myself or recommended colleagues.